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Since the 1960s muscle car era, Dodge has worked tirelessly to craft the next generations of American performance cars with memorable classic cars like the Dodge Dart and the recent Dodge Demon. Now, Dodge is back with three newly redesigned performance vehicles: the Dodge Demon, the Dodge Hellcat, and the new Dodge Redeye. Each of these new Dodge cars brings unparalleled style, grit, and stats to the Charleston roads and tracks. Learn how you can finance a new Dodge car today by contacting our Dodge dealership team at Plaza Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Orangeburg.

Dodge Performance Line-Up Video Transcription

We’re here today to talk about what’s new for 2019. We’ve got some great performance cars that we’re proud of and we’d like to give you some insight. My name is Steve Beahm, head of Dodge and SRT brands. Muscle car history for Dodge started back in the 60s we stretched our leg out a bit in the 70s and now we’re back as America’s performance brand.

The Dodge performance lineup starts with Scat Pack. It represents our largest volume vehicle we have from a sales standpoint: 485 horsepower. And what’s new for 2019 is first of all, the wide body. 3 ½ inches wider, it’s got more rubber on the ground, 20 inch wheels that are 11 inches wide. You’re gonna get great performance handling wise from Scat Pack. Number two is the hood. We waterfall the hood from the Hellcat down to the Scat Pack. So on top of the fact that the car looks great now with the new hood, along with the wide body you get a little bit more muscular stance for under $40,000, by the way, is where the Scat Pack starts. We think it’s a lot of muscle for the dollar.

The 2019 Hellcat, how did we make this icon even better? So I’ll start first with the hood. So we got a dual snorkel hood that we put on the vehicle, a little bit of flashback from the 70s, where we had some dual snorkels on our Demons and also on our Darts. It’s actually a functional hood. So the left side snorkel actually is a direct inlet that allows us to get 10 extra horsepower. So we went from 707 now to 717 horsepower. Also from a performance standpoint, we have two additional items. Number one is a line-lock. Somebody wants to take the vehicle to the track, now they don’t have to burn out the brakes on the rear. They can actually put the line lock on, it will hold the car, let you do your burnout, let loose, and you’re ready to go down the track. The second item is an after-cooler. So after pushing the car fairly hard, it actually will cool down the performance components in a lot shorter period of time.

Before I talk about the Redeye, let’s talk a little the history. Part of the passion behind Dodge is not strictly performance, it’s attitude. 2008 we come out with the SRT Challenger, 2015 we come out with the Hellcat, 2018 we come out with the Demon. How are we gonna top this? It’s tough, but our engineers keep producing. And I think our two founder, Horse and John Dodge would be pleased and happy that we’re designed a vehicle like the Redeye. By taking the best of both the Hellcat and the Demon, we’ve created a different monster. On the Demon side, it’s basically the same engine, a little bit different calibration, the horsepower 797. On the Hellcat side, we’ve got the wide body capability, providing plenty of grip, allowing the car to run at 10-8 quarter mile over 130 mile per hour.

Anybody that buys the Redeye will be pleased with how it performs on the drag strip, and as a daily driver. I think the biggest dilemma you’re going to have, is which of the three performance vehicles are you gonna buy? It’s not a bad dilemma to have three options like that.

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Dodge performance cars like the new Challenger, Dodge Charger and Dodge Hellcat are sure to leave an impression behind on Columbia roadways and Charleston highways. To learn how Dodge measures up to the competition, compare the Dodge Charger vs. Chevy Camaro, Dodge Journey vs. Kia Sorento, or the Dodge Charger vs. Dodge Challenger. To find out more information about Dodge lease offers or financing assistance on Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep vehicles or RAM trucks, please contact our Dodge dealership team at Plaza Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Orangeburg

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