Dodge vs. RAM: Knowing the Difference

RAM 1500 trucks

What is the difference between Dodge and RAM? Well, these two car brands have been separated from one another for 10 years, with Dodge focusing on sedans and SUVs, while RAM produces trucks and work-ready vans. So, while some people may think that RAM vehicles are a part of the Dodge brand, this is no longer true. RAM was once part of the Dodge manufacturer lineup until 2009, but they are now their own separate brands with their own fleet of vehicles. From the Dodge Charger to the RAM 1500, explore the Dodge history and discover what sets these two automakers apart today!

Dodge vs. RAM: The History of These Two Automakers

Dodge, founded in 1900 originally as the Dodge Brothers Company, has been an automaker that millions of Americans turn to when they want a powerful, reliable vehicle. In 1914, Dodge began producing trucks, many of which are still enjoyed by drivers around the globe today. In 1928, Dodge was purchased by Chrysler, but Dodge was still allowed to keep its own unique branding and namesakes. Throughout this ownership, Dodge continued to make cars, trucks, and SUVs, molding the brand that many drivers still love today.

In 1981, Dodge founded the full-size, light-duty pickup truck known as the Dodge Ram. During this time, the brand name was Dodge and the vehicle name was Ram. This model became one of the most loved pickup truck options on the roads for nearly 30 years. In fact, the Dodge Ram was also joined by the Dodge Dakota, Dodge Ramcharger, and Dodge Ram Van.

Dodge vs. RAM: The Evolution of Dodge RAM Trucks

So, you may be thinking, “Is RAM Still Dodge?” Well, in 2009, the Chrysler group restructured the Dodge brand, and during this reboot, the cars and minivans remained under the Dodge brand while the pickup trucks became part of the RAM brand name. When this occurred, both the Dodge Ram and Dodge Dakota models were transformed into the RAM lineup. With this decision, RAM became its own division within the Chrysler Corporation. In fact, it even has its own CEO and, starting in 2010, the vehicles lost the Dodge name on all models. Today, you can enjoy a RAM 1500, 2500, or 3500 model, with the new RAM 1500 bringing in impressive performance features.

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So, to reiterate, is RAM a separate brand from Dodge? As you’ve read above, no, they are not! Today, both Dodge and RAM are separate automakers that have a nice selection of vehicles to choose from, and you can find your favorite model when you visit Plaza Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Orangeburg! No matter if you have your eye on the Dodge Challenger, the Journey, or the RAM 3500, you can find it all at our dealership. We can even help you compare models like the Dodge Journey vs. Kia Sorento. Contact us today to schedule your test drive or to find out more about our financing options.