What is a HEMI Engine?

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If you’re like most Orangeburg drivers, you’ve heard of the power and capability that comes with vehicles that have a HEMI engine, but what exactly is a HEMI engine? And what does HEMI mean? Plaza Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Orangeburg is here to help you learn more about this powerful engine option and see if it’s what you need for your Charleston commute or your trips to Columbia. Read more about the HEMI engine below, then contact us to see our new vehicle inventory in person and learn which of our vehicles are equipped with the HEMI engine.

What Does HEMI Mean?

In essence, the HEMI is a big, powerful engine that is known for powering racing vehicles like the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Challenger, as well as certain heavy duty trucks. The HEMI engine is able to produce so much power because of the efficiency in its combustion chamber. Unlike most engines, the HEMI engine has a hemispherical (hence the name, HEMI) combustion chamber, allowing it to waste as little of the engine’s energy as possible by sucking air and fuel into the combustion chamber and pushing exhaust out. The hemispherical design allows for larger valves, which allows in more air and fuel. When the spark plug – placed in the center of the hemisphere – meets this mixture, the resulting explosion of energy is what gives the HEMI engine its raw power.

With more spherical area for air and fuel and less surface area to maximize heat efficiency, the HEMI engine continues to produce massive power in some of the best racing and towing vehicles available on the market today. You can browse some of these vehicles in our pre-owned vehicle inventory.

How Do You Know it’s Powerful?

So we’ve given you the HEMI engine definition and have answered the question, “what is a HEMI engine?” But how do you know that this type of engine is up for a challenge? What makes this engine so powerful, and why would you want a HEMI engine vs. normal engine? Aside from seeing how these engines work on models traveling the Charleston roads, HEMI engines have a reputation for being powerful thanks to their history. These engines were first designed by Chrysler and placed inside planes during World War II. These same engines were then placed inside Chrysler vehicle models in 1951. In 1964, HEMI engines were only found in vehicles designed for racing, and in 1966, the HEMI engine became commonplace on the regular streets of Columbia.

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