What is a HEMI Engine?

Ram 1500

For those drivers who are familiar with Dodge or Ram models, chances are you’ve heard the term “HEMI” before. This isn’t just a fancy word manufacturers made up to sound powerful—it’s an actual engine that Dodge and Ram place only inside their most power-driven models. Although usually more expensive, drivers who opt for a HEMI engine will not only receive superior performance and remarkable towing specs on the road, but will also receive better engine airflow and a vehicle that maximizes compression ratios. What is a HEMI engine? Read on to find out what makes this type of engine so special with our HEMI engine definition.

What is a HEMI?

The word HEMI isn’t made up—it comes from the term hemispherical, which means half of a sphere. Unlike traditional engines, the cylinder head for the combustion chambers on a HEMI is hemispherical. In addition, the top of the pistons are also hemispherical, allowing the two parts to work seamlessly together.

Because of their shape, the surface volume is decreased and combustion volume is increased, which means the combustion is stronger and doesn’t lose energy because of engine heat. With the hemispherical shape, the combustion chamber allows the engine to maximize compression ratio, and this is what creates the power that comes from these HEMI engines. It’s one of the many things that give Ram trucks an advantage over competitors like the Ford F-150.

How Do You Know it’s Powerful?

So we have answered the question, “what is a HEMI engine?” How do you know that this type of engine is up for a challenge? Aside from seeing how these engines work on models traveling the Charleston roads, HEMI engines have a reputation for being powerful thanks to their history. These engines were first designed by Chrysler and placed inside planes during World War II. These same engines were then placed inside Chrysler vehicle models in 1951. In 1964, HEMI engines were only found in vehicles designed for racing, and in 1966, the HEMI engine became commonplace on the regular streets of Columbia. And if you want to depend on that power day-in and day-out, don’t forget how often you need to change your oil.

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