What’s the Jeep Wave?

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If you’re lucky enough to drive a Jeep model in Columbia, whether it’s the traditional Jeep Wrangler or something newer like the Jeep Compass, you have entered into a world of mutual respect and brotherhood that is connected by a courtesy known as the Jeep wave. In fact, this courtesy dates back to World War II, and the tradition that occurs between Jeep owners continues to move forward and include those who are new to the marketplace. So what is the wave? A rough side-to-side motion using one or both hands, with the ability to modify it based on where you are.

The History

The Jeep wave’s exact history doesn’t necessarily have a set in stone description. In fact, many people have their own thoughts as to where this legend occurs. For some, this dates back to World War II when the Jeep was always moving throughout battlefields. Since Jeeps were used on both sides of the war, those driving the Jeep started their own waves so they could distinguish between allies or enemies as they drove. However, there are still some people who say the Jeep wave started when the war was over and solider who made it home waved at each other as a way to show they served in the war. Finally, there are those who say the Jeep wave started with those who take the Jeeps off-roading and wanted to share their excitement with other drivers who did the same type of adventure-seeking. 

The Wave

While the wave tends to be a side-to-side motion, it’s possible for it to change based on where you’re located or what exactly you do with your Jeep. For instance, the wave may vary slightly if you’re driving in poor weather conditions in Charleston, if you have an older Jeep model, if you take it off-roading, or if you’re driving in the South versus the North. However, just because the wave changes doesn’t mean it’s still not something you can look forward to.

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